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BIOS For yoga teachers

​I advise my clients to create not one but THREE biographies:

one that’s 200 words or shorter, one that’s medium-length (approx. 400 words), and one of longer length. This way, you have ready-to-go options

for studio requests, workshop flyers, retreats, festivals, and more.

Primary questions for you to answer:

  • What brought you to the practice of yoga (& when)?

  • Why did you decide to start teaching?

  • Who has influenced you most significantly?

  • Who do you continue to study with?

  • What is it you seek to facilitate or offer in your classes?

Why & how you should name your teachers:

  • For seasoned yoga practitioners who seek consistency in style of practice and alignment teachings.

  • To credit and support others' work.

  • Don't list too many names—you only need to note the names of those who have most impacted your practice/teaching.


  • Add an annual calendar reminder so that you’re prompted to give your bio(s) a refresh!

  • It’s easy for them to become stale and outdated, and you always want to be articulating how you’re evolving as a teacher and practitioner.