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LGBTQ awareness for
yoga teachers.

As yoga teachers, there is a leadership responsibility to hold safer, braver, and inclusive spaces for all people. This often begins with awareness and acknowledgement of the experience of others. Tune in to the Yoga Strong podcast to hear me discuss a bit about my own experience as a queer person moving through yoga spaces, the significance of pronoun considerations, why we shouldn't just use they/them pronouns for everyone, and more.

satya & solidarity for the LGBTQ community.

Meg from the Self Remembrance podcast interviewed me as part of her Satya & Solidarity series. Tune in to hear candid, dynamic conversation about how the yoga world hasn’t shown up to support the LGBTQ community, the importance of language and understanding queer identities, honoring the roots of yoga to go deeper in practice to unearth and heal prejudices and bias—individually and collectively, and how to create safer, BRAVER spaces to practice for all.

LGBTQ inclusivity for yoga teachers.

Cora from the Teaching Yoga podcast invited me to speak with her about following through on inclusivity claims and why yoga teachers need to care about sexuality and gender. We also discussed topics such as "otherness," reclaiming the word "queer," steps teachers can take to make their classes safer for LGBTQ folks, why we need more LGBTQ icons in the yoga community, and more.