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I was honored to be interviewed on Cora Geroux's Teaching Yoga Podcast. In this conversation, Cora and I explore LGBTQ inclusivity for yoga teachers, following through on inclusivity claims, and why yoga teachers need to care about sexuality and gender.


  • A definition of some LGBTQ terms

    • Heterosexual

    • Cisgender

    • Transgender

    • Nonbinary

    • and more...

  • Why yoga teachers need to get educated on gender and sexuality

  • Following through on inclusivity claims in marketing

  • “Otherness”

  • Action steps that yoga teachers and studio owners can take to make their classes a safer space for the LGBTQ community

  • Why having non-gendered bathrooms at your yoga studio is important

  • Why we still need specific classes for LGBTQ folks (among other marginalized groups)

  • Why we need more LGBTQ icons in yoga

  • Reclaiming the word queer