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photoshoots For yoga teachers

I’ve had several conversations with clients who are preparing for upcoming photo shoots and aren’t sure what to focus on. Most photographers will likely have an idea of how to stage your shoot and what to capture, but here are a few tips that might be complimentary or helpful.

Head shots
Be sure to have headshots from different angles, with different facial expressions, different backdrops, and maybe even different clothing and/or accessories.

Pose (asana) photos
Take pose photos, and set yourself up so you’re facing the camera.
Aim for a wide variety of pose shots, including more accessible poses that new students might recognize and some more “advanced” poses.⠀

Get playful!
It’s always great to have images that capture your personality and offer a sense of who you are.⠀⠀

Take vignette shots, too—these might be images of your hands in a mudra, or of your practice space, focusing in on small details like your altar or your prop setup for a restorative pose. You’d be surprised how often graphic/web designers want to feature photographs that feel like you, but aren’t of you.