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social media marketing
for yoga teachers & Healers 

THe workbook

Social media is more important now than it was in the pre-pandemic era.
We’re relying on digital connections to reach new clients, students,
and to cultivate larger communities.


When it comes to your business growth and marketing, consider how you might make use of this time to not just endure, but to thrive. 

In the world of social media, Instagram is the first place your students/clients will expect to see you. Facebook has become the platform where people follow friends and family; Instagram is the platform where people follow brands and businesses (and friends and family, too, of course). The 'gram has, according to one recent study, 4x more users than Pinterest and 2x as many daily viewers. 

Bottom line: you should be using Instagram to connect with and convert ideal students/clients and customers—your profile is about you, and it’s about your community; consider it an online magazine of sorts.

This workbook is designed to support yoga teachers and healing arts practitioners in creating a successful, authentic presence in social media marketing. Through tips, writing prompts, and best practices, you'll learn how to navigate and thrive in the world of social media, while staying rooted, mindful, and connected.

This resource is available at a discounted rate, and on a sliding scale, in order to serve the broadest range of community members as we navigate this uncertain time.

Please consider the following payment options:

$10 - Community Rate (discounted)

$15 - Sustainer Rate (pays for you)

$20 - Supporter Rate (supports yourself & others)


All sales final.  Please shop mindfully.